The changing world of exhibition stand advertisement

Digital signage and flat screen television displays, are becoming more and more used by exhibitors at exhibition events around the country.

Digital technology such as these are so versatile, that it can be used by large multi nationals operating major exhibitions or even those holding individual stands.

Digital display screens are much more adaptable and efficient then print. Space is usually limited at events and by going digital you can make a much more effective use of floor space. For instance say you had five large posters that you wanted to show at an exhibition. You would then have to worry about mounting the posters and then the placing. One Digital Signage screen would be able to show all five posters in the space that one traditional poster would occupy.

No matter what you are exhibiting, or for how long, everyone is vying to grab attention. Digital displays are ideal tools to use at an exhibition events as screens are able to be hired for specific events. Plus It is much more versatile and dynamic in what it can display when compared to print. It is easy to setup and handle yourself and if you want all the details taken care of… there are businesses that exclusively deal with screen hire for exhibitions.

The display technology has found an ideal partner in the world of exhibitions that both mutually benefit each other. When you consider what exhibitions of the future will be like, Digital screening devices will definitely play a huge role.

Be part of this changing world and book an interactive motion graphics video by display videos. contact usand be part of the future!

Effective video marketing strategies for new businesses

Starting a new business is a great feeling. Over time, through hard work and dedication the business matures and grows. But how do you help this process along! In fact, the marketing strategies you follow during the early stages of your startup might even decide its success or failure.

In today’s world of effective digital marketing strategies, video marketing in-particular can be a great source of brand marketing and building especially for new start-up businesses.

In this article Tom from Display Videos will explain how any startup can get going with video marketing to build a solid online presence.

1. First you need to develop a great storyboard and script…be able to get your message across to your audience effectively, smoothly and clearly.
2. Next, start the animation and movie process by putting the script into your real life video advertisement.
3. Distribute the end video across an array of social media sites, namely; YouTube, Facebook, Twitter …
4. Seo your video(s) and make sure to optimise your keywords so that your audience can easily search your videos.
5. Repeat steps 1-4 on a continuous basis, this will allow you to penetrate your market with a solid online video marketing strategy!